High Country Book Club

HIGH COUNTRY BOOK CLUB ON WHITETHE HIGH COUNTRY Book Club meets at The Makers Shed, Glen Innes, on the third Saturday of every month from 10am-12pm.

If you cannot join us, or live a long way from Glen Innes, you can participate via our Facebook group.

Each month, one title published by an independent press or an independent author is discussed. These books are available to buy from The Makers Shed.

So, what is an independently-published book?

Newsflash! Not every great story gets to you via a major publishing house!

An independently-published book is a title published by a small press, or an individual, without the support of a massive corporation. There are great indie books out there, and The Makers Shed is stocking a fantastic list of indie authors for your reading pleasure!

But that’s not all…

  • IMG_2627The Makers Shed also manages the annual High Country Indie Book Award, judged by the readers of The High Country Book Club. That’s right… as a High Country Book Club member, you get you have your say on which of our annual finalists wins an award!
  • The High Country Writers Festival takes place annually at Glen Innes, at which the winner of the High Country Indie Book Award will be announced
  • Book Club members who regularly come to discuss our titles receive a handmade pass (pictured) giving FREE ‘access all areas’ at the annual High Country Writers Festival!

To join The High Country Book Club, please read our terms and conditions and then contact Michael Burge on 0400 977 816 or via this email form:-