Sell your work at The Shed

IF YOU’RE AN artisan who produces handmade work, an artist seeking to mount an exhibition, or an author seeking avenues to promote and sell your indie book, we may be able to assist you.

The key to working with us is to understand that we are not your average ‘dump and run’ outlet, where you bring/deliver work and expect us to sell it for you.

While we will process all sales and pass your profits on to you in a timely fashion, we know by experience that sales of handmade goods, fine art, or books of any kind benefit greatly from the energy of the creator, meeting your customer base, and sharing your story and skills with them.

There are a variety of ways you can get involved:-

  • Apply to exhibit your art or stock your handmade work in our gallery using the email form below.
  • Apply to have your books curated into our bookshop at via the High Country Indie Book Award.
  • Hire The Shed and run your own creative workshop.
  • What you can expect from us: promotion of your work and events to our customers; a low commission of 25% for all bookshop/gallery sales with timely distribution of your profits back to your bank account, and plenty of word-of-mouth advertising across multiple social media sites.
  • What we expect from you: cross promotion of our venue to your customers and your highly active social media accounts; making your work available at The Shed for at least three months; exhibiting artists are expected to host a workshop… we want your customers to meet and know you! 
  • Products we work with: handmade goods of high quality: that is, you have created/made them or you know who has, and their work has been paid for ethically or given voluntarily; independently-produced/published products, such as books and CDs, ideally printed in Australia.
  • Products we don’t work with: non-handmade goods that have been predominantly made offshore; products that the seller has had little or no role in the creation of; products masquerading as ‘handmade’ or ‘Australian Made’.

To have your work considered for our shop/gallery space, please read our terms and conditions and contact us via the following form:-