Wordsmithing Workshops

IMPROVE  YOUR WRITING practice, develop stronger plots for your work, or get up-to-speed with social media under skilled supervision.

Michael Burge offers three studio-workshop options at The Makers Shed, all for 2 to 6 people. Bring a friend and realise your creative writing ideas! (Solo bookings are possible but cost the same as booking for 2 participants).

If you’d like one-on-one training, or you’d like Michael to come to your venue with a writing workshop, please get in touch via the contact page.

WORKSHOP 1: Full-day independent publishing experience

The basics of publishing print and eBook titles without getting ripped off, based on Michael’s popular book Write, Regardless!

This course is for those who…

  • Can write and who want to learn how to create better articles, short stories, novels, journalism, non-fiction, poetry and memoir; and how to enter the publishing industry at the right time and in the right shape
  • Want to create a place for readers to access their entire body of work
  • Have an ’embarrassing’ full or partial manuscript tucked away in a desk drawer or buried on their computer desktop, and want to turn it into a viable publication
  • Want to learn how to approach traditional publishers and literary agents before trying self publishing
  • Want to learn about plotting better story arcs, copy editing and proofreading their own work, designing effective book covers and marketing books independently
  • Want to learn how to set up an effective social media platform without spending much money
  • Are considering self publishing
  • Want to self publish without getting ripped off
  • Want to manage the self-publication process themselves, and learn how to communicate effectively with publishing support creatives such as editors and designers, in order to get the best finished product

WORKSHOP 2: Half-day manuscript resuscitation

All writers reach a point when negative thoughts come pouring in, telling us we must have been crazy embarking on writing something nobody wants to read. Often we feel the opposite, determined that our work is perfectly formed and needs no adjustment. When either of these extremes happens to you, it’s time to diagnose your manuscript.

This workshop is for writers with a complete or partial manuscript they’re trying to get into shape in order to send it to publishers/agents, or to independently publish.

It will take participants through the basics of good storytelling in order to diagnose their own work and where it needs improvement and adjustment:-

  • Protagonists: does the manuscript have a hero and a villain?
  • Conflict: is there a battle at the core of this story?
  • Viewpoints: are the voices of this book consistent?
  • Plot: is there an entertaining narrative arc to this story?
  • Marketing: can you confidently say what your book is about?

WORKSHOP 3: Half-day social-media-savvy course

These are the workshops for those wanting to get up-to-speed on Facebook page basics for small businesses, and more! Michael runs two workshops at different times (sometimes over one day): Facebook for Business and Next-level Facebook.

Facebook for Business content:-

  • How to set up and manage a Facebook page, and how it differs from a personal Facebook account
  • How to function as the page’s ‘editor’ to pull in regular content and keep followers engaged
  • How to get your head around copyright and defamation risks
  • How to manage comments, particularly negative feedback and/or complaints
  • How to create a workable set of page rules and why it’s essential

Next-level Facebook content:-

  • How to set make effective short videos and upload them directly to Facebook
  • How use the Facebook live video function
  • How to use Facebook’s shop and service facilities
  • How to maximise Facebook’s ‘big blue button’
  • How to allocate Facebook page roles as your social media expands

To make a booking please use the email form below. We will respond to your application ASAP.

  • WHEN: Workshops can be booked Wednesdays to Saturdays. Please nominate two preferred dates and we will contact you to let you know which is available. Check our events on Facebook as the course you want may already be running in the next three months!
  • TIME: Full-day workshops start at 10am SHARP and run until around 4pm. Half-day workshops run from 10am to 1pm or 1pm to 4pm.
  • NUMBERS: Workshops run with a STRICT minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6. Bring one friend or more! If you can’t get a friend to come with you, no problem, but you will need to pay for two places.
  • LOCATION: Workshops take place at The Makers Shed, 123 Grey Street, Glen Innes, in the NSW New England region.
  • COST: Full-day independent publishing experience workshops are $110 per person (cost includes a FREE copy of Michael’s book Write, Regardless! RRP $15). Half-day manuscript resuscitation and social media workshops are $25 per person. Solo workshop bookings are $200 for a full day or $50 for a half day. Your booking will be confirmed by email when you’ve paid in full via online bank transfer. EFTPOS payments can also be made at the studio prior to your workshop.
  • CANCELLATIONS: We understand that things sometimes need to change, but workshop cancellations are non-refundable. Instead, participants who have booked and paid may alter the date of their booking by mutual agreement (see our terms and conditions).
  • LUNCH: A break will be scheduled at an appropriate time during the middle of the day. Glen Innes has plenty of great spots for you to grab your lunch.
  • GIFT VOUCHERS: Please contact us if you’d like to purchase a workshop as a gift for someone.

Before booking, please read our simple terms and conditions.