Wordsmithing Workshops

IMPROVE  YOUR WRITING practice and develop stronger plots for your work; get up-to-speed with independent book publishing, or learn how to write like a journalist to get your messaging out there… author and journalist Michael Burge offers multiple workshop options at The Makers Shed for 3 to 10 people.

If you’d like Michael to come to your venue with one of his workshops, please get in touch via the contact page.

WORKSHOP 1: Resuscitate Your Manuscript

Have you written a book you reckon nobody wants to read? This workshop is for writers with a manuscript they’re trying to get into shape in order to send it to publishers/agents, or to independently publish.

  • Protagonists: does the manuscript have a hero and a villain?
  • Conflict: is there a battle at the core of this story?
  • Viewpoints: are the voices of this book consistent?
  • Plot: is there an entertaining narrative arc to this story?
  • Marketing: can you confidently say what your book is about?

WORKSHOP 2: Self Publish In Style

Got a complete manuscript that you’d like to self publish? This workshop is for authors wanting to get up-to-speed on independent publishing and how to self-manage the process without getting ripped off along the way.

  • Plan: everything you’ll need for a self-publishing project 
  • Prepare: what it takes to be a publisher in the 21st century
  • Cover: what goes into a great cover that works in bookshops
  • Format: how to create great-looking paperbacks and ebooks
  • Publish: operating your Print On Demand (POD) account

WORKSHOP 3: Journalism & Editing Secrets & Tips

Finding it hard to get the local paper interested in your venture? This workshop is for those wanting to learn how to get their messaging into the media by writing and photographing like a journalist and delivering what news sites need!

  • Inspire: generating stories without leaving your desk
  • Write: creating articles that engage readers
  • Edit: shaping articles so they won’t get you sued or laughed at
  • Picture: photographing your subjects creatively and effectively  
  • Distribute: spreading the word with your completed stories

Please use the email form below, we will respond to your application ASAP

  • WHEN: Workshops can be booked from Wednesdays to Saturdays, please nominate two preferred dates and we will contact you to let you know which is available
  • TIME: Workshops run from 10am to 1pm or 1pm to 4pm
  • NUMBERS: Workshops run with a STRICT minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 10
  • LOCATION: Workshops take place at The Makers Shed, 123 Grey Street, Glen Innes, in the NSW New England region
  • COST: Workshops start at just $25 per person. Your booking will be confirmed by email when you’ve paid in full via online bank transfer. EFTPOS payments can also be made at The Makers Shed prior to your workshop
  • CANCELLATIONS: We understand that things sometimes need to change, but workshop cancellations are non-refundable. Instead, participants who have booked and paid may alter the date of their booking by mutual agreement (see our terms and conditions)

Before booking, please read our simple terms and conditions.