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OUR BOOKSHOP STOCKS quality indie fiction and non-fiction, and titles by authors who commit to visiting us for our annual writer’s festival


Banjawarn, by Josh Kemp

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). A crime writer whose love affair with drugs sends him searching for ghosts in the unforgiving mallee desert. His journey takes an unexpected detour when he discovers an abandoned ten-year-old girl and decides to return her to her estranged father. Together they begin the road trip from hell.



The Winter Road, by Kate Holden

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). July 2014, on a lonely road at twilight outside Croppa Creek, New South Wales, 80-year-old farmer Ian Turnbull shoots environmental officer Glen Turner in the back. The story of our place on this land, and what happens when, in pursuit of a legacy, a man creates terrible consequences.


Missing, by Tom Patterson

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). In 1972 Mark May is eighteen. He is bright, beautiful and has a scholarship to study law. Ten years later he descends alone into remote gorge country in north-western New South Wales. He lives in rough camps and stays for thirty-five years. Then, on a feeling, his brothers go looking for him.


Growing up in Country Australia, edited by Rick Morton

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). Stories of joy, adventure, nostalgia, connection to nature and freedom, but also more grim tales – of drought, fires, mouse plagues and isolation. From the politics of the country school bus to the class divides between locals. This is country Australia as you’ve never seen it before.


A Room Made of Leaves, by Kate Grenville

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). What if Elizabeth Macarthur, wife of the notorious John Macarthur, wool baron in the earliest days of Sydney, had written a shockingly frank secret memoir? That’s the starting point for this playful dance of possibilities between the real and the invented.


The Last Station, by Nicole Alexander

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). Benjamin Dalhunty and his son Julian anxiously await the arrival of the Lady Matilda, the first paddle-steamer to navigate the river in more than two years. Julian wants more from life than the crumbling sheep station, but as the eldest son his future has been set since birth.


Write Regardless! by Michael Burge

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). Designed for writers who have rejection letters piling up, or those who simply don’t want to approach publishers, Write Regardless! includes this journalist and author’s top tips on how to set up a social media platform and manage the publication process; and the benefits of print on demand services.


Don’t Call Us Carnies, by Norma Brophy

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). In this vibrant, uproarious and poignant memoir, showbiz matriarch Norma reveals a world of interest to many but understood by few. With authority and candour, she plays ringmaster to a cavalcade of characters in the story of her record-breaking, death-defying family and an entire industry.


Unbecoming, by Joanne Fedler

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). Under the canopy of the night sky, around a small fire, women spill their secrets and offer up their stories, each exposing corners of truth the others need to hear. A funny, heartbreaking and provocative homage to the midlife unravelling as women on the brink of elderhood speak honestly about their lives.


The Serpent Rising, by Mary Garden

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). Winner of the 2021 High Country Indie Book Award. In 1973, Mary Garden abandoned a promising academic career in Auckland to spend seven years in India at the feet of gurus. Her memoir tells the riveting story of the heaven and hell she experienced under the spell of self-appointed ‘god-men’.


Tank Water, by Michael Burge

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). James Brandt didn’t look back when he got away from his rural hometown as a teenager. Now he has returned to Kippen for the first time in twenty years because his cousin Tony has been found dead under the local bridge. A coming-of-age story and crime thriller with a large and gentle heart.


The Food Solution, by Dr Gundula Rhoades

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). Do you suffer from one of the many modern-day diseases? Are you overwhelmed by the state of the planet? Don’t despair… there is hope! Dr Gundula Rhoades shows you how, by making just one lifestyle change, you can reclaim your health and save the planet from your kitchen.


Red Herrings for Breakfast, by Annabet Ousback

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). Annabet and her brother Anders grew up in the boatshed on Balmoral Beach, exposed to irrational discipline from their parents. He became an international restaurateur; she a children’s clothing designer. Despite their outward success, neither could escape the legacy of their upbringing.


Too Much Lip, by Melissa Lucashenko

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). Wise-cracking Kerry Salter has spent a lifetime avoiding her hometown and prison. But now her Pop is dying and she’s an inch away from the lockup, so she heads south on a stolen Harley. Gritty and darkly hilarious, Too Much Lip offers redemption and forgiveness where none seems possible.


Puzzled, by Daniel Seed and Graeme Seed

Hardback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). From French spies to Flemish painters, Lincoln’s beard to beer can patents, child labour laws to the Great Depression, ‘Puzzled’ is a captivating journey exploring the jigsaw puzzle phenomenon and how expensive collectibles became a mass-produced commodity enjoyed by millions.


Surviving New England, by Callum Clayton-Dixon

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). A history of Aboriginal resilience through the first forty years of the ‘Colonial Apocalypse’. This book highlights First Nations’ resistance to colonisation in the New England region, breaking through the “dominant myth of peaceful settlement”. Essential reading for history lovers.


Kids in the Garden, by Mary Moody

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). Mary Moody introduces children to the joys of gardening in this fun book: what to plant and when, how to prepare the soil and the right tools to use; and how to grow herbs, vegetables, salad greens, mushrooms and flowers. Includes simple recipes and craft to get your young people out there!