High Country Books

THE LITTLE BOOKSHOP inside The Makers Shed at 123 Grey Street Glen Innes is the only independent, high-street bookseller in a 100-kilometre radius.

We stock a selection of titles for all ages, including contemporary novels, memoir, historical fiction, kids’ books, locally themed titles and books about writing and publishing. Come in and browse Wednesdays to Saturdays 10am-4pm, or buy online and have your books posted to you.

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Common People, by Tony Birch

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). In this new collection, Tony Birch introduces a cast of characters from all walks of life. These remarkable stories capture those caught up in the everyday business of living and the struggle to survive, shining a light on human nature and how the ordinary kindness of strangers can have extraordinary results.


God Save the Queen, by Dennis Altman

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). This book suggests that monarchy deserves neither the adulation of the right nor the dismissal of the left. In an era of autocratic populism, does constitutional monarchy provide some safeguards against the megalomania of political leaders? Is a President Boris potentially more dangerous than a Prime Minister Boris?


Beneath the Mother Tree, by D. M. Cameron

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). On a small island, something sinister is at play. Resident alcoholic Grappa believes it’s the Far Dorocha, dark servant of the Faery queen, whose seductive music lures you into their abyss. His granddaughter Ayla has other ideas, especially once she meets the mysterious flute player she heard on the beach.


The Last Station, by Nicole Alexander

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). Benjamin Dalhunty and his son Julian anxiously await the arrival of the Lady Matilda, the first paddle-steamer to navigate the river in more than two years. Julian wants more from life than the crumbling sheep station, but as the eldest son his future has been set since birth.


The Night Dragon, by Matthew Condon

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). In 2017, Vincent O’Dempsey was sentenced to life in prison for the brutal murders of Barbara McCulkin and her two young daughters. This book tells how a famous cold case, a deadly fire and a quest for justice spanning four decades finally brought down one of Australia’s worst killers.


Missing, by Tom Patterson

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). In 1972 Mark May is eighteen. He is bright, beautiful and has a scholarship to study law. Ten years later he descends alone into remote gorge country in north-western New South Wales. He lives in rough camps and stays for thirty-five years. Then, on a feeling, his brothers go looking for him.


Write Regardless! by Michael Burge

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). Designed for writers who have rejection letters piling up, or those who simply don’t want to approach publishers, Write Regardless! includes this journalist and author’s top tips on how to set up a social media platform and manage the publication process; and the benefits of print on demand services.


Tank Water, by Michael Burge

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). James Brandt didn’t look back when he got away from his rural hometown as a teenager. Now he has returned to Kippen for the first time in twenty years because his cousin Tony has been found dead under the local bridge. A coming-of-age story and crime thriller with a large and gentle heart.


Puzzled, by Daniel Seed and Graeme Seed

Hardback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). From French spies to Flemish painters, Lincoln’s beard to beer can patents, child labour laws to the Great Depression, ‘Puzzled’ is a captivating journey exploring the jigsaw puzzle phenomenon and how expensive collectibles became a mass-produced commodity enjoyed by millions.


Surviving New England, by Callum Clayton-Dixon

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). A history of Aboriginal resilience through the first forty years of the ‘Colonial Apocalypse’. This book highlights First Nations’ resistance to colonisation in the New England region, breaking through the “dominant myth of peaceful settlement”. Essential reading for history lovers.