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HERE AT THE Makers Shed, we love books and wordsmithing in all its forms.

Our small bookshop (scroll down to browse and purchase online within Australia) stocks the work of independently-published authors from across the world. These titles are published by a small press or an individual, without the support of a massive corporation.

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A Country To Be Reckoned With, by Patsy Trench

Non-fiction paperback (price includes postage and handling). George Matcham Pitt started as a farmer on the Hawkesbury and went on to become an auctioneer, landowner and founder of one of Australia’s first stock and station agents, Pitt, Son & Badgery. Now his great great granddaughter sets out to tell the story of this remarkable man and country.


Nothing But Blue, by Diane Meyer Lowman

Non-fiction paperback (price includes postage and handling). In 1979, Diane Lowman embarked on a ten-week working trip aboard a German ship with a mostly male crew. The voyage would forever change her perspective on the world and her place in it. She left New York a malleable girl and sailed back a resilient young woman who’d learned to stand on her own.


A Drop in the Ocean, by Jenni Ogden

Fiction paperback (price includes postage and handling). Anna runs a lab researching Huntington’s disease at a Boston university. When her long-standing grant is pulled, she takes a leap and agrees to spend a year monitoring a remote campsite on Turtle Island in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. What could be better for an introvert with shattered self-esteem?


Lady Bird & The Fox, by Kim Kelly

Fiction paperback (price includes postage and handling). When a cruel turn sees Annie orphaned and outcast, she is forced to head for the goldfields in search of her grandfather, a legendary tracker. Determined and naive, she sets off with little but a swag full of hope, and is promptly robbed of it on the road. Her cries for help attract a rogue: Jem Fox.


Nobody Told Me My Legs Don’t Work, by Travis C. Yates

Non-fiction paperback (price includes postage and handling). The world Travis and his wife Renea spent ten-plus years creating is turned upside down when they find their seven-year-old Golden Retriever, Keegan, left paralysed from a stroke. This book follows a remarkable journey in the world uncertainty that comes with a “down dog”.


Infants of the Brush, by A. M. Watson

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). Egan is sold to Master Armory for a few coins that his family desperately needs. As one of eight broomers, he quickly learns that life depends on obedience and the coins he earns. Broken and starving, the boys discover friendship as they struggle to save five guineas, the cost of a broomer's independence.


Feral Tracks, by Euan Mitchell

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). Based on the true story of a sixteen-year-old schoolboy who ran away from home with four dollars and hitchhiked around Australia. Daniel’s exploits are a roller-coaster ride through a wild summer off the leash, the madness of share-house living, outback mustering of feral cattle, and nightclub excess.


The House by the Marsh, by William Blyghton

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). One morning just before lunch Caroline stopped breathing. Bereft, a small madness fell upon William. Fleeing to his flat in London, he locked himself away. Then, quite by chance, although nothing is by chance, William came to live in Suffolk, in the house by the marsh, and here a sense of ease slowly enveloped him.


Echo Hall, by Virginia Moffatt

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). In the early nineties, newlywed Ruth Flint arrives at Echo Hall to find an unhappy house full of mysteries that its occupants won’t discuss. When her husband, Adam, is called up to the Gulf War, her shaky marriage is tested to the core. As Ruth discovers the secrets of Echo Hall, will she be able to bring peace to the Flint family?


Just A Mum, by Shelley Argent

Paperback non-fiction (price includes postage and handling). When Shelley’s son, James, came out as a teenager in 1995, the only legal right he held in Queensland was to be gay without fear of arrest. Shelley knew James faced a lifetime of discrimination through no fault of his own; a situation untenable to her. She was determined her son would be considered equal.


The Moor, by Sam Haysom

Paperback fiction (price includes postage and handling). Teenagers on a walking trip begin to fall out, and odd things start to happen. Noises in the night. A severed rabbit’s foot outside someone’s tent. As panic sets in and a storm approaches, the remaining boys must band together to face a darkness not even the local ghost stories could predict.