Terms & Conditions


  • The Makers Shed workshops are facilitated by Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware at 123 Grey Street, Glen Innes, a well-maintained and safe work environment that has been risk-assessed for a small number of workshop participants.
  • Silver-working workshops run with a maximum of six participants. Other workshops take up to ten.
  • Other participants may join the same workshop you have booked.
  • All workshop participants must be aged 15+.
  • Silver-working workshop participants are required to wear suitable workshop-style clothing covering the arms and legs, and closed shoes. They should bring their own apron if they’d like to protect their clothing. Protective eyewear, ear muffs and face masks will be provided when required in the silversmithing processes.
  • Silver-working workshop participants will be guided and participate in the design, cutting, piercing and forging processes of hand-making their own new jewellery pieces.
  • Silver-working workshop participants will also be guided in the use of heat soldering, mild ‘pickling’ acid, and polishing, and may participate in those processes if confident and under close supervision.
  • Silver-working workshop participants are required to attend a 10-minute studio safety orientation at the commencement of their workshop, noting exits and correct use of equipment as demonstrated.
  • No alcohol is to be consumed during any workshop at The Makers Shed.
  • All workshop participants are required to observe all safety instructions given during every workshop.
  • Confirmed bookings are non-refundable. Refunds will not be gven for change of mind or change of circumstances. Participants may assign their booking to other participants by mutual arrangement with The Makers Shed.
  • If Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware needs to cancel a booked and pre-paid workshop, a full refund will be given to participants.
  • Those booking and paying for workshops run by visiting facilitators, or those paying for workshops booked by a third party, need to check the terms and conditions of those businesses. Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware will not be liable for refunding cancelled workshops and events or third-party booking systems.
  • Raw materials included in each silver-working workshop are: enough sterling-silver or copper to make one piece of jewellery (e.g. one pair of earrings, one pendant, one ring, etc.).
  • Silver-working workshop participants are encouraged to bring gemstones and other materials they’d like included in their piece. NOTE: Working with gemstones can be unpredictable, particularly when they are removed from existing settings. The use of and security of participants’ gemstones is that participant’s responsibility and Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware accepts no liability for damage and/or loss.
  • Other raw materials offered free of charge at silver-working workshops are at the discretion of Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware and may include: leather for necklets and bracelets, repurposed leather, vintage linoleum, copper, moonstones etc.
  • The addition of gold to your workshop piece (e.g. for wedding bands) is possible with enough lead time and participants will be required to pay extra costs up-front for the raw materials.


  • The High Country Book Club is open to everyone to join and attend. Simply contact organiser Michael Burge using the online form here. Members can be from anywhere in the world, although those who do not attend meetings must join the club’s Facebook group in order to participate.
  • Membership is free. Authors of selected books are welcome to join.
  • The book club will read a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles. All books will be independently-published titles of the highest standard, published by the author or by an independent press.
  • Titles will be available to buy from The Makers Shed.
  • Members are expected to be respectful to other members, including authors, at all times. Opinions about books are expected, but must be respected. Bullying, harassment or offensive behaviour (either at meetings or on the club Facebook group) will result in the member being asked to leave the club and getting banned from club social media. No negotiation will be entered into.


  • Products sold by Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware and Michael Burge Media are handmade and original as described.
  • Many pieces are made from recycled and/or re-used or re-purposed materials and therefore include products (such as vintage linoleum) which have wear and tear and an aged patina. These imperfections are part of each creator’s design process.
  • Posted items will always be trackable with signature-on-delivery and insurance to the retail value of the item.


  • Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware can reset stones from existing pieces, but cannot guarantee the safe removal of stones from older settings.
  • Many stones, such as moonstone and opal, are quite fragile, and while every care is taken in the process, their removal from an existing setting can result in unforeseen breakage. If booking stone resetting work, we will remind you of this risk at the time of quoting. The completion of the work will be entirely at the customer’s risk.


  • Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware and Michael Burge Media products (and those sold on behalf of other artisans) are guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship and will be refunded only if the product is faulty, not for change of mind or circumstances.
  • Please email within three (3) days of receiving product if you are seeking a refund.
  • Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware and Michael Burge Media do not accept responsibility for misuse, accidental, normal wear and tear or products not being cared for correctly by the consumer on any of their products.
  • Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware and Michael Burge Media products are handmade and/or original, and as such are reasonably fragile.
  • Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware will not refund if an incorrect size (e.g. ring measurement) has been ordered.
  • No refunds will be given for colours not matching their intended purpose. Some colours may appear lighter or darker on the website or email photos due to individual computer software and photography.
  • Products being refunded must be returned within seven (7) days in the same condition as they were received i.e. unused and undamaged.
  • Postage and handling costs are not refundable and defective item/s must be returned to Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware or Michael Burge Media within seven (7) days. Items must be returned via trackable post (i.e. a valid tracking number or registered post) and insured for their retail value. Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware and Michael Burge Media will not be held responsible for items lost in post or in transit if not returned via traceable and/or express post with insurance.


  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the measurement of their ring finger is correct as per explanation of such on order.
  • Richard Moon Wearable Silver & Silverware will not be held responsible for an incorrect measurement, and recommends all ring clients attend their local jeweller to have their ring measurement identified prior to placing an order.

Without infringing on your statutory rights.